How to make healthy decisions when no one else is……..

Eating healthy is not usually what I struggle with.  I actually enjoy finding and making healthy new dishes and prefer healthier options.  What I struggle with is keeping that healthy mentality when you are in an environment where there is pressure by other people to engage in bad eating habits.  It may not be something that is said verbally or directly to you, but when everyone is engaging in eating something unhealthy it is very easy to stray from your ways when you want to fit in with the crowd and socialize.  I have been trying for years to fix this problem and it has definitely been a challenge.  I have managed to get a hold on it for the most part but I still slip from time to time.  My new strategy is going to be to start bringing my own healthy dishes in an attempt to A) give me a healthy option and B) hope that some of my family end up liking my dish and wanting to eat it instead!  For the 4th of July I am planning on making some banana chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, a couple dessert options, and some appetizer dips like hummus and veggies, guacamole, and fresh salsa.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what they do in these types of situations?  


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