Inner Beauty- My new mission

Sorry for not blogging for a while… work has been catching up to me and I have been attempting to study for my personal trainers certification exam that I take in July.  Two days ago I was given this inspirational book that opened my eyes to what I really need to be focusing on… inner beauty not outer beauty. This book is called “I’m No Angel” by Kylie Bisutti a former Victoria’s Secret Angel contest winner.  In a nutshell, which does not do the book justice, Kylie had been modeling since she was 14 and auditioned for the Victoria’s Secret Angel contest and she ended up winning and walking in the show.  She ended up quitting because she felt that her modeling went against her Christian beliefs and she felt she was not being a good role model for children.  This book opened my eyes and made me realize that probably the reason I could not accomplish my outward goals whether they be nutrition or fitness related was probably do to the fact that I’m not sound with myself on the inside.  So instead of just focusing on losing inches and pounds and eating this instead of that, My new plan is to focus on inner transformation.  My theory is that if I change whats on the inside it will bring about the change I want on the outside.  I feel silly with this being the first time I’ve figured it out.  I believe reaching nutrition and fitness goals are completely dependent on having a healthy mentality.   I also believe that this transformation is only going to be accomplished with God’s help.  Sorry for the long post but those have been my thoughts for the past couple of days.:) I’m looking forward to the change to come!


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