3 Elementary Supplement DOs and DON’Ts

This was a good insight to supplementation……Take a read!


Are you currently taking any supplements?

“Yes! I don’t exercise like I should and I eat too much junk, but I am doing this part right. I do a meal replacement from muscle milk in the morning instead of breakfast because any breakfast is better than no breakfast, right? I take a one-a-day and fish oil from walmart. I’m also taking my fat burner, the animal pack thingy that the nutrition guy at GNC said I should take, and the rasberry ketones from doctor OZ. So I don’t need any help here!”

When it comes to health and fitness, supplementation is an important topic to be considered. The average person eats way too much of the wrong stuff and way to little of the right stuff to support an active and healthy metabolism and therefore supplementation is a great way to ensure that all the correct building blocks are available…

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