To cheat or not to cheat

I have recently been thinking about how I feel about cheat meals. For me personally if I cheat once the likelihood of me doing it for the rest of the day are very high because fatty processed foods are engineered to make you crave more, but if you don’t give into your cravings every once in a while the whole binge episode happens. I think what I’ve decided to do is if I am in a situation where eating healthy is not an option then it is ok, but I would rather choose a healthier option of they dessert or craving and go with that instead. I donno it is kind of tricky. Please comment on your thoughts!-


One thought on “To cheat or not to cheat

  1. I agree once I cheat it’s so hard to not so it again for the rest of the day so I just have a cheat day and it’s usually Sunday. I don’t binge or anything but on that day I enjoy foods I don’t always have just in good portions. Not sure how great it is but when I crave something I write it down and save it for my cheat day 🙂 haha it works for me.

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