How to do REAL cardio

If you are the type of the person that goes into the gym and hops on the treadmill for an hour while doing the same pace, chances are your probably not seeing any results.  The best type of cardio is high-intensity such as plyo or interval training.  Interval training also keeps things interesting and gives you a longer EPOC(exercise post oxygen consumption).  This term means that even after your workout is finished you will continue to burn calories at a higher rate than if you were to just do regular steady-state cardio.  For the longest time I thought that I was doing myself justice by running on the treadmill for five miles at the same pace, because ya know longer is better, but thats not the case.  Do yourself a favor go for half the time and yield better results!  I will post an additional interval workout that I did just yesterday for you to give a try.  If it looks too ambitious cut the time short or do walking intervals instead.  The great thing about intervals is you can do any combination of intensities! Just make sure you put in intensities that are going to challenge you followed by periods of rest.    


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